Nestled in downtown Baltimore at 112 E Lexington Street directly across the street from the Clarence Mitchell Court House, NEXT PHAZE CAFE is one of the latest additions to the city's list of places for residents, businesses, conventioneers, government employees and visitors to find the food they love. But we're more than just a great cafe.

Our concept is very simple.

NEXT PHAZE CAFE = Memorable Meals + Comfortable Convenience + Exceptional Events.

Memorable Meals: Here's where our connections to the South can be found. We put our heart and soul into our food with seasonings that "pop" in your mouth - Baltimore crab cakes, babyback BBQ ribs, catfish fritters, collard greens, buttery cornbread, cheesy mac and cheese...you get the idea. Join us for breakfast and lunch for great southern cuisine or come to one of our special weekend events and enjoy live entertainment while savoring one of our signature dinners.

Comfortable Convenience: 

At the center of Baltimore City's bustling, burgeoning and bright Downtown/Inner Harbor neighborhood, NEXT PHAZE CAFE is within easy access of parking lots/garages, attractions, businesses and more. Being much more than a chain restaurant, we provide a more unique dining experience for people looking for much more than the usual. Knowing that our guests are on their way to or from other activities, our mission is relatively straightforward: offer great food and great service in a timely way. Our in-cafe guests can enjoy meeting family, friends and associates in our upbeat and pleasant dining space. Diners on the go can appreciate the short turnaround and our on-line ordering system to help save time.

Exceptional Events:

Our team will put the "special" in your special occasion. With space for celebration dinners and receptions, fundraisers and other events, our facility can be your host site. Our in-cafe catering and off-site food service capabilities can be tailored to meet your needs, tastes and expectations with style and effect. So let us make your life easier. The most you'll need to do is send the invitations and the rest can be up to us. We can cover all your needs from soup to nuts...or shrimp and grits with gumbo gravy to sweet potato pie, for that matter...to make your event one that people will want to remember, talk about and imitate.